Jabari Harris jatkaa ECG:n päävalmentajana

East City Giantsin päävalmentajana jatkaa Jabari Harris. Viime kausi oli Harrisille ensimmäinen joukkueen päävalmentajana. Mississipin Jacksonista kotoisin oleva Harris pelaa myös joukkueen pelinrakentajana. Harris on vielä melko nuori päävalmentajana, mutta pelinrakentajana hän on pelannut jo 4 kautta Suomessa ja Euroopassa hän on pelannut myös Puolassa. Ensimmäisellä kaudellaan ECG:n peräsimessä Harris johdatti joukkueen 1. divisioonan välieriin.

Haastattelimme joukkueen päävalmentajana jatkavaa Harrisia:

About a month has passed since the ending of last season. What are your thoughts looking back to that season?

“It was a good season. We made some big strides as a team and organization. We reached all the goals that we set as a team and that I’m very proud of. I feel that we have learned a lot from the past season, and realize what it takes to compete in the 1st division.”

What has the atmosphere around team been after the season?

“It’s been very positive! Most guys have started back meeting up to train for the next season. Also many more players are planning to give ECG a try for this fall. These are very exciting times for the program. Many changes are being made and everyone is ambitious about being and doing better. Giants will start their off season in the end of October.”

What do you have in mind for the team for off season?

“I want to continue to improve the players football IQ, and also athleticism. Looking at last years team, we were very young and a bit raw. Many players had no experience beyond division 2, while others started as true rookies! I’m looking to increase our physicality and athletic ability by having the players participate in gym and track trainings. Last year we focus on more of teaching the sport and schemes, but lacked in physicality and endurance in some games. We proved to be a solid third place team in 2017, but the goal is to be at the top in 2018. That’s takes work, but I know the Giants are up for it.”

When you look at your team, how would you describe it?

“Hungry! This team is a team that stills has a lot to prove, yet nothing to lose. There is no pressure on us to achieve. Everything we accomplished is a milestone for this new generation of ECG football that’s being born. We believe that we are winners and we can become champions. My players are very patient and they have developed a trust for me as a coach. That trust and hunger to play will continue to lead to success.”

On the off season many rookies and also experienced football players look out for teams for trying to find a good place to play football. What can you say to them of the Giants?

“We are a family! We take care of each other, we ball, and we have fun! Everyone that has joined us, has had a fair opportunity to play and improve, regardless of who they are and where they come from. We are a young club that’s positive and working to become the next big thing in Finnish football. I believe in developing finish talent and seeing everyone that wears these colors succeed. If your looking for a place where you can learn, grow, but also make your time and sacrifice of the summer worth it, ECG is definitely the place for you! It’s two colors that look sexy on every one. BLACK AND YELLOW!”

ECG:n joukkueenjohtaja Tapio Nurminen kommentoi Harrisin valintaa päävalmentajaksi:

“Olen äärimmäisen tyytyväinen siitä, että Jabari tulee olemaan joukkueemme päävalmentaja myös ensi kaudella. Pystymme jatkamaan sitä työtä mitä olemme tehneet  hänen kanssaan ja kehittämään joukkuetta eteenpäin. Valinta päävalmentajasta ei kuitenkaan ollut aivan helppo. Olimme puheissa monien kokeneiden ja menestyneiden valmentajien kanssa ja loppusuoralla päätöksen ratkaisi se, että tarjolla olevista vaihtoehdoista Jabari kykenee olemaan joukkueen kanssa jatkuvasti, joten hänen kanssaan voimme viedä joukkuetta säännöllisesti tarvittavaan suuntaan. Jabari on myös äärimmäisen intohimoinen joukkueen eteenpäin viemiseksi. Joukkueen valmentajisto on nyt osittain saatu kasattua tulevalle kaudelle ja off-seasonille, mutta lisäyksetkin ovat vielä mahdollisia. Ryhmähenki joukkueessa on loistava, joten tämän joukkueen kanssa on upea lähteä kohti seuraavaa kautta!”