Jabari Harris ECG:n päävalmentajaksi!

ECG:n uusi päävalmentaja on amerikkalainen Jabari Harris. Harris tuo joukkueeseen erittäin paljon. Harris on nuoresta iästään huolimatta kokenut pelaaja ja johtaja. Harris on pienestä pojasta asti elänyt amerikkalaisen jalkapallon parissa ja ollut aina menestyksekäs sekä intohimoinen lajin parissa. Harrisin tavoitteet, visio ja halu viedä ECG:tä sekä koko amerikkalaista jalkapalloa eteenpäin Euroopassa tulee ilmi hänen haastattelustaan, joka on englanninkielisenä alla.

Jabari Harris

Birth place: Jackson, Mississippi

Birth Date: 16.3.1992

Football history: 20 years of experience. 8 years juniors football, 4 Years High School, 4 years college, 4 years professional. Harris juniors

3x Juniors National Champion: Jackson Raiders (2003,2004,2005)

Jackson Public Schools Middle School City Champion: Chastain Warriors (2006)

Clarion Ledger Top 100 MS High School Players list: Murrah High School(2009)

HAAC  All-Conference Team: Mid-America Nazarene University (2013)

2016 Polish American Football League MVP: Lowlanders Bialystok. 21-13 player record in Europe (62% win).


What is your best memory so far in football?Harris high school

Winning the MVP award in Poland!

– You have been selected as East City Giants head coach for season 2017. What are your first feelings on that?

“I’m very excited about the opportunity and that the organization believed that I am the man for the job. I look forward to doing great things to build this brand and develop our players.”

– What do you think about the team and franchise overall?Harris college

“The Giants are a well know franchise with a great reputation and a lot of history throughout Finland. I find the Club to be very well organized with young, talented players looking to take their game to another level. Also, we have a full coaching staff with great knowledge and experience of the game. It will be a lot of fun working together with these men.”

– What are main things you want to improve in the team?

“I want to change the football culture of this team. I challenge the men that sign up to play this sport to not just view football as a hobby or just fun, but a part of their life and a second job. I want to push our players to be bigger, faster, stronger and smarter players. Not because it helps to be just winners on the field, but the players deserve to see improvement in their game after devoting their time and effort weekly. Also, I want to help each individual coach grown and learn more about the game so they can also progress in their

Harris valittiin koko Puolan liigan arvokkaimmaksi pelaajaksi.
Harris valittiin koko Puolan liigan arvokkaimmaksi pelaajaksi.

careers. You can’t complain about Finnish coaching or player talent if you haven’t first tried to invest what you know that could help them become better. I plan to do just that.”

– What are your goals with East City Giants?

“My main goal for ECG is to build the brand and reputation of the club to what it was once before. I want the people who support us to come together as a family, not just a club sport. I want to implement a system starting with our juniors, that will generate talent and a higher football IQ, that will soon help us make the push to entering the Mapple League again. I have the desire and vision to build the Giants up as a Brand and team that signifies what Finnish football can be in every aspect of the sport and also be an example of what every team not only in Finland, but throughout Europe wants to resemble. In short terms, I am here to revolutionize American football throughout Europe. ECG is the perfect place to do such thing. It will take a little time, but great things come to those who are patient and humbled.”

Harris continues:

“I’m beyond excited to take a new step in my life here in Finland. It brings me great joy to feel welcomed and appreciated within this country and in the SAJL. I’m dedicated and committed to simply impacting others in the most positive way I can possibly do while building the sport of American football in every aspect of the game. If you though the things I managed to bring to the Polish League and team was something special, just wait and see the great things I plan to do here in Finland! This is home! Helsinki is Home! I put on for the city!”