Jabari Harris ECG:n hyökkäyksen apuvalmentajaksi

Amerikkalainen pelinrakentaja Jabari Harris on liittynyt ECG:n valmennusryhmään. Harrisin pääpaino tulee olemaan pelinrakentajan ja heittohyökkäyksen valmentamisessa.

Haastattelimme Jabari Harrisia:

– What kind of football history do you have?

I’ve played 19 years of football. I started youth football at the age of 5 years old in Jackson. Eventually grew up to become a stand out player and recruit in High School and an All-Conference QB my senior year of college. Inducted into the Murrah High School Hall of fame in 2010.

– Where have you played in Europe?

In Europe, I’ve played 4 seasons. 2 seasons in Finland and 2 seasons in Poland. I’ve been a member of the Porvoo Butchers, Helsinki 69ers and the Białystok Lowlanders of Poland.

– So now you have came back to Finland and now to East City Giants, what do you like about Finland?

What attracts me to Finland is the the scenery and the culture. It’s a very beautiful country with hard working people. I think Finnish people are very helpful and fun to be around. Once you earn respect and make friends in Finland, you are in good hands forever.

– How would you describe american football in Finland?

American football in Finland has made major strides. The youth programs are growing and the IQ of the players have increased rapidly. There can still be more done to change the attitude towards the sport here and also build the popularity of the game again.

– You have now seen Giants for few times, what do you think about the team and organisation?

I think that we have a very young and talented team that’s ready to progress and go forward. There is a lot of history in the club that I want to help restore. The club itself is very classy and there is a true family vibe here. I really believe that with a little work and a few touches in certain areas, this team could be on its way to the 1st division soon.

– What are the things you can give to this team and for the quarterback Niko Bredbacka?

My goal is to help bring more enthusiasm and a different level of passion for the sport to this team. I want to help redefine what Giants football really means and to build the brand and reputation around the country. For Niko, I think he is a very smart and talented QB. I’ve worked with him before and we work together well. He has the knowledge, passion, and skill to be the best in this division. I want to help him develop his confidence, improve his skill, and knowledge of the position. If we build him in those 3 areas, he can not only lead this team to win ball games, but he can play at a national team level if the time is invested into teaching him. He proved to everyone last game that he is a fighter and he can make plays!

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