ECG vahvistuu kahdella import pelaajalla!

East City Giants on tehnyt sopimuksen kahden ulkomaalaisen vahvistuksen kanssa ensi kaudelle. ECG on hienosti saanut kasattua joukkuetta jo tälle off seasonille pelaajasopimuksien määrän ollessa nyt 38 kappaletta. Näillä vahvistuksilla ECG tekee joukkueesta entistä iskukykyisemmän ensi kautta varten I-divisioonassa. Sopimukset on tehty puolalaisen laitahyökkääjä Andy Kaffkan ja tanskalaisen tukimies Patrick Tambourin kanssa!

Haastattelimme näitä kahta pelaajaa sekä päävalmentaja\pelinrakentaja Jabari Harrisia näistä sopimuksista.

HC Jabari Harris kommentoi pelaajia:

“Both Andy and Patrick are very talented and eager young players, who work hard to be the best they can be, week in and week out.
I had the pleasure of recruiting and working with Andy in Poland last season with the Lowlanders. He’s a student of the great RJ Long, SAJL 2016 MVP, and Orlando Webb, a former member of the Alga Comets of Germany, in which Andy finished the 2016 season.
I studied and recruited Patrick when I first took the job as HC of ECG. I had the pleasure of watching him play in Serbia against a good friend of mine, Mr. Jamie Blunt, who led his team to a Serbian championship this year. Patrick is a player who’s full of energy and is very composed for his age. He has the relentless attitude and leadership ability, we need on our defense entering the 1st division.
I’m excited to have these men join our program. Look forward to the Giants making a statement in 2017. There is more to come, this is just the beginning. ”

Andy Kaffka

Wide receiver received_1172145036167207

Birth place: Warsaw, Poland
Birth date: 19.12.1996


2016 Allgau Comets GFL
2015 Warsaw Crusaders
2013/2014 Mt. Douglas Rams (high school Canada, Victoria BC)
2013 Seahawks Gdynia
2012 Silesia Rebels both seniors and juniors

What are your first feelings coming to Finland to play for East City Giants?

“I’m very excited about coming and playing for Giants. Playing in Finland was always one of my football dreams and I am very happy that it’s going to happen.”

What are your expectations and goals personally and for the team at the Giants?

“Just want to get better as a player and after looking at coaching staff i knew that Giants are great place to do just that. As a team i think the only goals are winning the championship and having the best offence in the league.”

Whats your best memory in football?

“I think it will be playing first GFL game as a starter. Having your name called out and running on to the field with fireworks going on around you as well as people doing lots of noise with cowbells (tradition for the Comets) was something amazing and unforgettable.”

What are your feelings coming to Finland and Helsinki for summer and what do you already know about our capital?

“So far all I know about Helsinki are some pictures as well as stories my friends told me, but I have to say that I’m very excited and can’t wait to be there!”


Patrick Tambour

Linebacker received_10154290262357935

Birth place: Frederikssund, Denmark

Birth date: 1.8.1993


2016 GAT Dukes Novi Sad, Serbia & Søllerød Gold Diggers Denmark
2015 Frederikssund Oaks
2012-2011 Søllerød Gold Diggers
2006-2010 Frederikssund Oaks

What are your first feelings coming to play to East City Giants?

“I’m really excited to play for the East City Giants! I have a feeling that the organization and the people there are great and I’m really looking forward to join the program.”

What are your expectations and goals personally and for the team for the coming season?

“My expectations for the upcoming season is that we win a lot of games and have fun doing it. My goal is to win the league and to make a lot of friendships and experience all the good things that Finland and Helsinki have to offer.”

What is your best memory so far in football?

“My best memory in football is when I represented my country in 2011 at the European Junior Championships in Seville, Spain.”

How do you feel about spending summer at Finland and Helsinki and what do you know about our capital before?

“I don’t know much about Finland and Helsinki but my guess is that it’s not too far from Denmark culture wise. But I’m open for new adventures and I’m really looking forward to spending my summer in Finland!”