Aftermath – season 2014

After two struggling seasons Giants were able to contribute a succesful season 2014. In 2014 East City Giants played in III-division with Mikkeli Bouncers, Raisio Oakmen, Kotka Eagles, Lohja Lions and Päijät-Häme Panthers.

Giants coaching staff built a dynamic, athletic and tough team. Based on a running  style offense, the black and yellow team was succesful in running and passing the ball in offense through the whole season. Giants quarterback Niko Bredbacka found wide receiver Ohto Nygren succesfully and running back Jaakko Saksa was really effective in the running game.

In 2014 Giants coaching staff was:

Head coach Ari Evwaraye, offensive coordinator Samuel Orvomaa, defensive coordinator Olli Kujala, offensive assistant coach Rikhard Ståhlber and linemen coach Mika Varis.

In regular season Giants had a 7 game winning streak and by that, team won the regular season and got a place to Tinamalja (Tin Bowl). In Tinamalja Giants faced Mikkeli Bouncers. Bouncers were able to beat the Giants 14-22.

Despite the loss in Tinamalja Giants were promoted after the season to II-division for 2015.